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Familiy History

The centerpiece of our collection is a multimedia CD rich with features

The Family Interactive CD

Our Living Tree organizes your family roots and captures everything - the images and stories, the milestones and memories on an interactive multimedia CD.

With your family history, genealogy and photos all in one place, you can keep track of birthdays and anniversaries using our interactive calendar filled with photos, look up phone numbers and addresses, and send instant emails.

It's like having your own web site on a CD. It runs on any computer without installing any software. It's easy to use-everything is just one click away.

Celebrate your family by creating a living tribute to them.

Our Family of Products:

>Family Interactive CD
>Photo Gallery CD
>Photo Collage
>Family Tree Print
>Memory Book








Give the perfect gift for that special occasion. Our Family Interactive CD is unique for every eventĚ

> Wedding Events
> Bar and Bat Mitzvah
> Anniversary Celebrations

Our Custom Interactive CD adds a new dimension to:
> Fundraising Activities
> Chronicling Corporate Histories