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Conversion of Old Home Movies and Video Tapes to CD or DVD

Remember Dad bringing out the old Kodak Super 8 movie camera? At your birthday? When you went to the zoo? When·.?

These images of things past must be transferred to digital video if they are to endure.

We will take your old, often brittle films and carefully preserve them on video tape, CD or DVD.

We will edit (remove unwanted and un-usable footage, enhance poor footage), add transitions (fades, dissolves, wipes and special effects), graphics, animations and music (yours or ours) to your heart warming production.

Whether they are 8mm, super 8 or 16mm film, they can all be transferred and edited together.



Even your video tapes deserve special care. At best, a video tape can only be expected to last 15 years, and they are susceptible to stretching or binding or wrinkling or accidental erasing. Your tapes (8mm tape, Hi 8, VHS, VHS C) can easily be preserved on CD or DVD.

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