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  Personal History

Ethical Wills or Personal Legacy

Ethical Wills or Personal Legacy statements let you summarize your personal values, beliefs, blessings and advice, and pass them on to your children, your grandchildren and your loved ones.

It is a legacy of your spirit, your values-unlike a legal will, which is mainly a distribution of your financial assets.

Also known as Legacy Wills, they are a way to share your hopes and dreams, your values and blessings with your family and friends.

Your Personal Legacy can be written at any time of life. You will find it has a deep impact on you and your family if you share your ethical will with them early on in your life.

Ethical Wills are often written at a critical point in your life, such as:

  • During parenthood, to provide your children's caregivers with a written testimony of who you are: your values, beliefs; how you want your children raised in the event that something happens to you
  • When faced with a difficult crisis or life-threatening illness
  • Near the end of your life as an honest and heartfelt self-written eulogy, your thoughts, feelings and the true essence of who you are will be spoken to those loved ones who have gathered to honor your life



It is a priceless gift that will be treasured beyond any material goods.

Like a Personal History, an Ethical Will can take many forms. Write it, record it in your own voice, include it as part of a Photo Video, or make it part of your personal story in our Family Interactive CD.

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