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  Personal History

Oral History -

Your stories and recollections are preserved on audio tape or CD, turning the past into a present for yourself and those you love. In your own voice, your children's children, and their children, will hear you share your memories - making your family heritage come alive.

Your life is your own - and each is different.

Tapings typically are one hour each, with about equal preparation time beforehand. You might tape only 1 session or you might tape 6 or more sessions to capture all your life stories. These recordings can be presented exactly as they were taped, or can be edited to enhance the flow and continuity.

When finished, you receive your tapes or CDs in an individualized custom box or binder.



Interview Transcripts

Your interviews are transcribed and printed, either unedited or corrected for grammar and style, or put into a question and answer format. Edited, with scanned photos, in a presentation binder, they make priceless keepsakes that will span across generations.

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