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  Personal History

These are the stories of your life.

They can be short or long, capture one or two special times of your life or reveal your experiences over many years in as much detail as you want. Add images of keepsakes, photos, love letters and even favorite recipes - all the things that were important enough to save and tuck away.

Everyone has a story to tell.

At first, many people think they lead simple lives and that they have nothing very interesting to say. Yet, when each of us gets a chance to talk about our feelings, the actions we took and choices we made, we see that each of us has a life story that is unique, meaningful and well worth saving.

Something very important is revealed in our stories - even to us as we tell them.

Your stories will preserve your family history and traditions, passing life lessons on to your family and friends.

Why you should tell your story

The Benefits

Telling your story keeps your spirit alive - for your children, grandchildren, future generations and for your friends.

Looking back at your life will inspire you as you retrace and rekindle the impact others have had on you, the lessons learned, the wisdom gained and decisions made that altered the course of your life.

Reflecting on your life can help you get a deeper understanding of how some beliefs affected you and the way you view life. It lets your family understand your achievements and your struggles, your joys and sorrows, and the world in which you lived.

You may be the only link who can pass along the stories that your parents and grand parents told you, so future generations can understand and appreciate their family roots.

Knowing that present and future generations will know who you are and the values you stand for will bring you joy and a strong sense of pride and bonding.

Capture your memories now and share your life story with your loved ones.

How to tell your story

Your personal history can take many forms - an oral history captured on audio cassettes, crafted into a printed book with photos, maps, family trees and other special memorabilia, or made into a video history including old home movies, scanned photos, and with your own narration.

It's a timeless legacy for generations to come - keeping your personal history and your family heritage alive.

No matter which format you choose, we work with you in advance to prepare a customized list of questions about the memories and experiences most important to you. You'll need some think time before we get started with the interview process. Then we ask the questions and listen intently as you tell your story.

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