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  Personal History

Our Process

The first step is to meet with you to discuss your project in detail - what you want to do and why.

We know that capturing a life story can be a daunting experience. As skilled interviewers we walk you through the entire process: What you do, what we do - and how we can help you through every step along the way.

We discuss the various media we use, and the differences between them.

We talk about how long the project might take - and the cost. We are sensitive to any budget constraints you might have.

From this meeting, we prepare a written estimate detailing what you want and how we will provide that for you. Once the estimate is reviewed and finalized, we are ready to begin.

Well before the first interviews, you will be given "thought starters" - a series of questions that list the topics you might want to cover. They are designed to get you thinking about your story and to jog your memory as you reflect on the various stages of your life.

We discuss the areas you want to focus on and guide you through the interviews. We will review the photos or other memorabilia you might want to include.



The interviews take place in your home or office, or anywhere you are most comfortable. They are limited to about 1 hour per session. We find that any longer is just too tiring.

For multiple interview sessions, we set a schedule for several days in-between to allow time for further reflection about what you might want to add to your story, or in some cases what you want to remove from your story. It is your life story and you have the final word about what is included.

In every phase of production, we will work with you so that it is a true reflection of your life.


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