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  Personal History

Video History

We record your stories on video tape, capturing you the way you are, in your environment, for your family and your descendants to see and hear. Ensuring that your children's children, and their children, will get to know the story of your life.

Before the interviews begin, we work with you to gently guide you through the process of recalling and describing your most cherished memories.

The video histories can take several forms.

A series of short stories simply edited for organization and content. Photos can be included, and music added.

Your stories can be combined with old photographs, home movies, and other video tapes. Music and narration are the final element in these affordable, professionally produced documentaries.

Longer formats might tape for several hours. These are then carefully edited, professionally titled, and can have narrations, intercut home movies, scanned photos and music.

How long we tape, and the length of the final project, is up to you.


Published on VHS, CD or DVD, video biographies can be as short as 5 minutes, but often are 30 minutes or longer. Your personal history becomes part of your family's archive.

Video Histories allow you to effortlessly reach across generations - ensuring that your life will endure for many generations to come.

Commissioning a video biography of your parents is the greatest tribute you can give them, letting them know that you truly treasure them and the influence they had in your life.


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