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Our Stories as Gifts of Peace to the World

As time passes so do the stories we share
For our stories are the spirit of our life and how we lived it
It's with story that we remember others
And they remember us
It's the only real legacy we ever really leave
It's with stories we are remembered - everything else passes
For stories can last forever as history has shown
Long after the stone of our structures become dust

It's with story we inspire and learn
It's with story we convey love
It's with story we share laughter
It's with story we share the misadventures in the risks of life
It's with story we really live

So tell your story to the willing ears around you
A story of spirit forever retold
And see the light in their eyes as they tell their tale
And let them see the light in your heart as you listen
For all mankind has their story to share
And if we listen with an open ear and understanding heart
Peace is more assured for everyone

Copyright 2002 BruceLErickson@yahoo.com