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> Celebration Calendar Sample

> Create Your Celebration Calendar

See Our Work

> Planning a Wedding
> Wedding Demo
> Planning a Bar/Bas Mitzvah
> Bar/Bas Mitzvah Demo
> Celebrating an Anniversary
> Anniversary Demo
> Tribute Book to Pat (one section)
> Celebration Calendar Sample

Our Guide and Forms

> Guide to Our Process (6MB PDF)
> CD Preview (6.5MB PDF)
> Family Ancestor Chart (35KB PDF)
> Family Forms (432 KB PDF)
> Family Form Samples (560KB PDF)

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Family History

>Family Interactive CD
>Photo Gallery CD
>Photo Collage
>Family Tree Print
>Memory Book


Interactive CD Features

> Overview
> Family Gallery
> Photo Gallery
> Family Tree
> Family Page
> Personal Page
> Find Us
> Special Dates
> Timeline

Our Process

>Step 1: The Family Historian
>Step 2: Organize the information
>Step 3: Gather Photos
>Step 4: Rough Cut Review
>Step 5: Custom CD's

About Us

> Letter from the Founder (35KB PDF)

Personal History

> Oral History and Interview Transcripts
> Memory Books
> Video History
> Tribute Books and Videos
> Ethical Will or Personal Legacy
> Photo Videos, Photo Collage, and Photo Preservation
> Conversion of Old Home Movies to Video or DVD
> Our Process
> Pricing



Celebrate your family, create a living tribute to them